What is our Mission?

Airmid Events, a registered 501(c)3 organization, seeks to improve the lives of those in the gaming community within the greater Rocky Mountain region by facilitating and providing resources for the promotion of healthy mental and emotional faculties.
This includes being accepting of all walks of life, advocating resources for mental trauma care, suicide prevention, and other mental ailments. Utilizing education, and outreach programs we can help the community, help itself. Mental health is an area still underserved within our community, we strive to bridge this gap.
We facilitate and utilize professional tools that help address and manage mental conditions and disorders, thus uplifting the community into being healthier as individuals. Through organized charity events, that are fun and entertaining, we will bring awareness of both problem and solution by providing the means for those in need to receive the help they need.

Who Are We?

We are “gamers working to help the community help itself.” Airmid is the Celtic goddess of healing, and we chose her as our guiding symbol because we believe in doing all we can to bring awareness and access to mental & emotional health resources.

We are long-established members of this community – some for years, some for decades; some amateur fans, some professional creators – who now want to give back to the community we love.

We feel mental health is as important to strive for as physical well-being, and we want to arm everyone around us with knowledge, understanding, and access.

We are organizers of events – game days, meet-and-greets, workshops, and full-on conventions. We seek to gather fans of gaming and genre entertainment together for fun and education.

We want them to meet with those who create what they love, that they may learn more about how to create for themselves. We want them to meet those who bring expertise and compassion to the efforts of improving mental and emotional health, that they may know they have options and resources to get healing and help.

We are fans of diversity, inclusivity, and community. We seek to create spaces where all who wish to play, to create, to share, and to be accepted will find an open door and open arms.

We are a registered 501(c)3 organization, working to improve lives and well-being in the Mountain West.

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What Are We Trying to Do?

Airmid Events wishes to host events where the community can gather for the aforementioned goals. To do that, we need to find and pay for appropriate venues.

We need to bring in the kinds of professionals that best communicate the messages and information the community can use for having more fun, creating great things, and experiencing improved mental health.

We need assets and resources before the events to market and promote what we are doing.

We need games, activities, and the physical resources to support workshops that advance our messages and our goals.

In more specific terms, we wish to host an annual convention that serves as a tentpole for all else we seek to do, and acts as a spotlight on our greater mission of community-supported mental and emotional health.

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